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Unique Party Favors

Add something special to your wedding, party or corporate event. Flipbooks are the digital version of the photo booth! Grab a prop, have some fun, and enjoy the memmories captured on your very own flipbook!


1. How much does it cost to have Okanagan Flipbooks  at my event?
Click here to E-mail us or call (778) 363-1121 for pricing details today!  Our product is completely customizable, let us give you a personalized quote.  Our pricing is similar to static photo booths.

2. Where do you offer your flipbook services?
We serve the Okanagan areas including Vernon and Kelowna. Please call (778) 363-1121 to see if we are available for your area. Travel expenses may be applicable if you are outside the above mentioned areas.

3. What do you require to set up at a flipbook event?
A 10 foot x 10 foot indoor area is ideal for our setup. Depending on the physical location, we can be flexible. One standard wall outlet is required for power, but two is even better.  If your event is outdoors, please call (778) 363-1121 to discuss adjustments to prepare for weather.  Set-up close to music is also a bonus.  If you choose to use a green-screen, we need a 15 foot X 15 foot area.  It is best if your venue provides us with 2 6 foot tables, skirted to match your event.  But if this is not possible, we can provide tables at no extra charge.

5. Do you do outdoor events?
Yes we do!  If you need us to provide a tent or generator, extra fees might be involved.  Please let us know if you would like us to be outdoors when you ask for the quote so we can work out the details of the logistics.

6. Can I send you a video clip and have you send it back to me in a flipbook?
OF COURSE YOU CAN!  Our patented software is AWESOME!

7. We are thinking of using Okanagan Flipbooks as a Save the Date card – can we do this?
Yes, it’s a very creative and unique idea!  Pre-made flipbooks also make super-cool Thank You cards or can even be placed a few to a table if your budget is tight.  At our mobile flipbook Studio, we make these pre-made flipbooks by you coming to our showroom to take the short video clip and then process the order in our studio.  The minimum order is 25 flipbooks, and we have limited availability due to our busy event schedule.

8. How many people can I fit in a flipbook?
It’s up to your guests!  you can fit as many people as you can fit into our display in under 7 seconds!

9. How many flipbooks can you make in an hour?
We average 40  flipbooks per hour, although lately we have been averaging 50 flipbooks per hour.  This number all depends on the cooperation of the guests and the number of retakes and copies they want us to do.  Also, a second cutter can be added for larger events, which means we can do almost twice that number!  ( there is an additional charge for this )

10. Can I customize the cover of my Flipbook?

Yes you can!  We have a number of templates to choose from, but if you want to be even more creative, our graphic designer can make something perfect, and just for you.  Additional charges will apply for completely customized covers.

11.  Will my guests have to pay for their books?

Not at the event.  The production of the books is completely free for your guests, and included in the package that you purchase.  Any additional books that need to printed outside of the event will be charged at a per-book price.

12.  How long does it take to receive a completed Flipbook?

Once you have your props selected, we film your 7 second video, and in less than 2 minutes, you will have your Flipbook in your hand to show your friends!

13.  What if all 4 people want a copy of a scene we just made?

We will make as many copies as you like…IF there is not a line-up!  We cannot print multiple copies of one book if people are waiting to film their scene.  We will ask you to bring the book back to us when we are not busy, and we will gladly print you the copies you request.

14.  I will be the bride at my event.  Can I see all the video’s somehow?

Yes!  Included in your package is a keepsake DVD for you to see all of your friends and family acting out their scene’s!  This is a great way to see all the action after the party is over.