You totally think that we made that word up right?  NOT!

You see, the whole ” been there, done that” attitude is all around us in this age of over-stimuated customers!  It is coming at people from all angles these days…so how do you get remembered?  That’s EASY!  You gotta stand-out from the crowd and deliver something special that will create a BUZZ for a long period of time….we can create a crowd at your booth, deliver a SUPER-FUN activity, and a parting gift custom-branded with your logo and promotional information.  Trade Expo’s, Holiday Parties, Marketing Tours…we can do it all!

Does this interest you?  Then we think we have the product you are looking for!  Enter OKANAGAN FLIPBOOKS!!







As Printed in THE PRESSE….

Check out this sweet little piece of Journalism taken from THE PRESSE May 8th, 2011.  It was written about a guy running the same software in Ontario…Thank-you Party Impressions for paving the way and making us look REALLY GOOD!!!!


We’ve all been to weddings that have featured fun photo booths with props and funky backgrounds, right? If you haven’t been to a wedding in the last 3 years, maybe you haven’t had the chance to try on crazy gear and snap your own photos with your friends at a wedding… but sorry to say, the photo booth is OLD NEWS. I’m not saying it’s a terrible idea or anything, but it is certainly not original! Guests do get a kick out of keeping the funny photos as a memory of your wedding day, but how about kicking it up a notch and having a video of you and your friends printed into a FLIPBOOK at a wedding?!

To be honest, I only heard about this fantastic idea today, when my sister-in-law Angel showed me the flipbook she made with her buddies at a party this past week. Basically you have a couple seconds to act crazy in front of a video camera, and then the frames are printed on individual sheets and bound into a mini flipbook right then and there. This set up does require a video camera, backdrop of some sort and a team to bind your little booklet together, but it sure is one heck of a good time.

Welcome aboard Melissa!!

Um, so like, some people you just like right off the bat right?  Well, we met up with Melissa from Sweet Beginnings on Wednesday….WHAMO!  IN LOVE!  Lot’s of advice, and excitement, and just plain…”welcome to the neighbourhood!”  It meant so much to us!  We cannot wait to work you little lady!  After our coffee date, it became obvious to us, we are accidentally ending up with the creme of the crop in this industry!  Come to think of it, do I believe in accidents?  I think this may have more to do with fate, no?







It’s official!!  Bethany Armstrong is our number one fan!  OUR VERY FIRST OFFICIAL BOOKING!!!  Peace of Mind Wedding Co-ordinator EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!  We thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm!!




Have you ever noticed how some days seem to just flow…like you could just SKIP, cuz life is SO GOOD?  We hit Kelowna streets today and made some VERY EXCITING new contacts! That’s how our day was…people love our new product, almost as much as we do!  It’s kinda funny when we show-up to see someone, we get that…”what are YOU selling” look…I flash them one book, and WHAMO, they want to see more!  SQWEEE!!  We just cannot wait to get rolling….!

An Awesome meeting with Renee of WEDDED BLISS PHOTOGRAPHY!



Please check out our newest preferred partner…WEDDED BLISS PHOTOGRAPHY!  WOW, her photo’s are unlike anything!  BEAUTIFUL BEYOND IMAGINATION!  Renee, we simply cannot wait to begin working together!!



Okanagan Flipbooks Launch!

Okanagan Flipbooks is now available in the Okanagan! We create entertainment as well as customized party favors at your event on only 90 seconds!!